Sunday, 18 December 2011

Cohiba Behike 52...with days to go this is my Cigar of the year so far

Beautiful draw and construction, when unlit the draw is more towards hay but complex hay if that makes sense. On lighting you get a great thick dense smoke no harshness, tea and also cream are the very first flavours. It is straight into medium flavour but rich in weight. Wonderful aroma so a real shame to smoke it outside. After a few draws peanut and tea seem to take over but with depth.
Approaching the end of the 1st third the flavours darkened a little stronger tea. This is a brilliant afternoon or "clean palate" smoke, it would be great anytime but due to it not being more than medium I think after a big meal it would not be at it's very best. The excellent construction meant that the burn was very good and even, the dense smoke continued all the way. The middle of the smoke was more nuts, almonds and macadamia. By half way it as already showing significant complexity. I would say it will age in wine terms more like a Burgundy that a Bordeaux. Coming to the end of the second third it was superb, nutty, creamy...the only dimension missing at that stage was spice but it isn't about that really but...then coming into the last third a little spice appears...gloriously, may be it's because my tea is gone but I think not. There was a little bit of astringent youth showing towards were the band had been but then this is a young stick. A class act and a very solid 93-95 for me! I'll be grabbing a few of those and trying the other Behike's too...

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