Friday, 23 December 2011

Bolivar Royal Corona - Robusto 7

Well with Christmas nearly upon us and work slowing there was time for a mid-week cigar. So onwards with the Robusto sampler, this time the Bolivar Royal Corona, this is a strange name for what is basically a Robusto.

I have only previously had one Bolivar which is a rather glaring omission from my experience. This was a great looking stick that burnt excellently had a perfect draw, it was possibly a dash moist which was my fault but it had a wonderful oily texture. From the off it was straight into dark, autumnal flavours as a wine analogy this is would be "Cornas" – muscular and brooding but obviously very good.

Once an inch or so was gone, it settled into a combo of rich fruit cake and marmite on toast. This was delicious and impressive now but there is so much more to come. I think I will be laying a box down. I was intrigued to see where I thought it fitted in with the other richer Habanos – Ramon Allones & Partagas – and I would say, from this alone which is slightly ridiculous, that there are elements of Ramon Allones but also of Monte Cristo in the dark coffee and chocolate profile. It was more dense than heavy which is good. As a rating I’d give this a promising 90-92…

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