Saturday, 8 March 2014

Clos de Tart 2012 - Brilliance!

At the end of a big week, see the upcoming Salon 2002 launch blog, we gathered yesterday lunchtime in the tasting room to taste a barrell sample of the final 2012 Clos de Tart blend (there are several plots vinified separately). Now this can be seen as a totally self serving as I work for the agent but I justify this to myself as the wine will sell out anyway, but I was blown away. This has not happened for me with Clos de Tart before, I have been deeply impressed by 2001, 2003 (it's a freak but a good one), 2007 (for poise), 2009 and 2010 amongst others but this was a kind of wow moment.
Such intensity of fruit and gorgeousness, you could wallow in it but at the same time it wasn't heavy, the mid-palate (hate that expression but it is apt here) is a little more savoury with a nod to structure and then the finish is sweet again with the blackberry and cheery fruit that you saw on the nose. It is incredibly long, when back at my desk discussing it with a colleague is was still there humming away on my palate...

Anyway…lots of wines are lovely even great but not many hit you like this…may be I'm wrong, may be it's a legend in the making either way I'll enjoy charting this wines progress...

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