Sunday, 26 June 2011

Weekend of a few Smokes...

After a quite boozy week of mostly (very good) Barolo I thought it would be a low key weekend from a booze point of view. So with some decent weather and a festival to go to, not Glastonbury but Summer Soulstice in Barnet, it turned into a good weekend for a few more smokes than normal. Having predicted I would only have one on Saturday I went for a Partagas Serie D No4 (from a 2008 Box), so far these have been great and this one certainly was too, rich and full but not OTT, savoury and a little spicy, cracking smoke, which explains the almost burnt fingers. I later fancied another smoke and only had with me a Trinidad Reyes (2009 box). This is one of my very best smokes at the moment and a really great post lunch smoke in particular. I thought it might get “drowned” by the larger richer Partagas but it just had a very different texture and flavour profile, more mocha and cream, it worked well and remains a firm favourite.

I suppose the most exciting smoke of the weekend was the just released - La Flor de Cano Short Robusto Limited release – lots has been written about this new release so see for background. The draw was excellent, almost, but not quite, too easy, there was a dash of sweetness to the initial flavour then it got deeper and deeper and quite rich. It is a quality smoke with overall medium richness, for my palate it was a little in need of a couple of years to mellow out – I am finding this a lot and think it is just me, it is an exciting smoke and well worth adding to any collection. I have a few aged smokes lined up for next weekend. I may try to go to the Coral Eclipse and Sandown and fancy So You Think to get back on track with a win at the expense of Workforce.

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