Sunday, 21 February 2016

Paradiski is paradise…a wonderful week...

When I started this blog it was going to be about wine and may be the odd cigar, that is what it has largely remained but there are exceptions which are nothing more than a selfish chance to capture fun times - this is one of those - no apologies made. Just back from a fun packed week with friends and family in Les Coches - between Les Arcs and La Plagne - part of the Paradiski area. I can't recommend it enough. Any of Les Coches, Montchavin or Vallandry in particular as they are central small and prettier than the larger parts of the area. It was a great week. I hope some of the pics may amuse - they make me smile and might just get me through the summer!! Actually wait a minute those are fun too - Holidays, bottles and travels.
The Gang!
In Beaune en route, nice if unspectacular.. 
Unpacking!! Les Arcs side in the background.
A few magnum sized toys for the week, didn't last long!
My ski buddy through thick and thin... 
No idea what this was really but delicious? Yes!
Mrs H happy with a mid morning Chocolate Chaud!!
Laura, Charlie and I escaping for a fun packed afternoon while lessons started for the others!
Loved skiing these all week - good work Whitedot!
If this is a true indicator of 2014 Rhone then I'm in - nice!
Putting some carbs back in - potatoes on Pizza!! Oh yes.
Full and well "watered" a slippery stroll home.
Me and my boy! We only lost each other twice.
The Robot - on the way from Les Coches to La Plagne - love this sculpture - old lift parts! 
Looking back towards Les Coche from the Robot!
Charlie dressed as a Robot!
Food envy kicked in here... 
Up at Roche de Mio - on top of the world!
Alpine weather Part 1 - a foggy bread run
Part 2 - sun working hard..
Part 3 - half way down the first run - magic!
The kind of commuting I don't mind - getting the Vanoise express over to Les Arcs...
Too busy to shop but this is a pretty big "pop-up" on the Transarc ridge above Les Arc 2000.
Not too much queuing for us in Les Arcs and the sun in abundance.
"Lunch" on a lift - no time for stopping!
Tree skiing above Vallandry - superb snow, light and space! 
The only nearly successful "pano" I have done!
This worked - very citrussy - good!
En magnum! Love me a bit of Charvin!
Day 5 ski team - Mrs H crossing to Les Arcs
Could that be a newspaper under the arm...
Mrs H and Jo read for group "selfie" (see top pic) then a "run" down to Les Coches.
This signage wasn't there a day earlier when Charlie skied of that roof - hence the smug look!
An impromptu wine tasting courtesy of Laura…interesting.
For aesthetic reasons we wanted this to "win" but it (definitely) didn't...     
This did! Good Rhone-like spicy richness!
Day 6 - last day - we woke to this and it never really lifted, some good skiing but bad vis!
Ready for the elements!
What did I say about vis!!
Gotta love a bobble hat! Mrs H in ravishing form!
Last night bottles - The Carquelin 2011 was every bit as good as I remembered.  
It is a little sad that the last two pics appear less fun…BUT every cloud and all that - Fran's knee if not that serious and there was jealousy at having achieved a proper sporting injury. The car, well all I will say is that the team rallied round to help. BMW (who where exceptional)  had us on flights that evening and the car had been picked up by 10am (we called a 7.15am). the only drama was getting to Geneva on a very busy change over day but "legendary Leney" came to the rescue and got us there - for which we remain forever thankful.
Cheers whoever you were, didn't stop and no note... 
The sports injury!! 3 weeks and as good as new! We hope!
The week just worked to prove a few points one should never forget:

Friends whether you've known them 2 minutes or 20 years are what matters
You can't laugh too much
Food and drink are fun
Skiing is the perfect holiday

Amen to that and sincere thanks to all those who made this such a special week - you know who you are...

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