Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Shed…with 3 bottles

Last Thursday saw my first visit to The Shed Restaurant in Notting Hill. The idea was that of a customer/friend and we were joined by another wine lover. The format was a simple "bring a bottle" scenario. After a couple of beers at the bar we moved to our table. The glasses are large tasting glasses, which is ok, but would be the one thing I would change (or have a better range as an option).

The menu is great, the format is what is best described as "British Farm Tapas" of "Farmers Market Tapas", you just need to order lots and see how you go. I wish I had taken more pics as the dishes are not only tasty but also very good visually. If you go then do not miss the Chorizo dish, we had it twice!!
Nice Line-up
The white we had was As Sortes Godello, Valdeorras from Rafael Palacios, a wine that was new to me, it had definite structure and good acidity with a combination of gooseberry and stoney minerality on the palate. There was a nod to Aliogote and Irouleguy I thought, nicely taut.

The wine I took will be no surprise to anyone - Barolo Cascina Francia 2008, Giacomo Conterno - It only had a brief, one hour, decant but showed really well. It's probably the last time I'll have the 2008 for 3-4 years as I anticipate it'll be a little closed now until it's at least 10 years old. I love the feminine classicality of the 08's, this was very aromatic with lovely fruit and a little grip.

Leoville Barton 1997 - This performed just as you'd hope, very classical cool cabernet nose, a few funky whiffs of cedar and then a little mellow bruised blackcurrant before a nice new leather savoury side, the palate was not so much faded and just mellowed out completely, the same for the structure that just makes this an enjoyable drink...

And as a massive shower finally blew itself out it was time for a cab home…I'll definitely be back!
Beef Cigars, Mustard Mayo, Tarragon - Lamb Chips with Harissa

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