Monday, 21 January 2013

Smokes in the snow

A snowy weekend offered up the chance to wrap up warm and get outside for a couple of smokes whilst on the way to/from toboganning. First up on Saturday was a 2007 Edicion Limitada - R&J Escudos, a Gorditos or Robusto Extra in size. This was a gift from Mr Sabourin and a very good smoke. It started out rich, almost Bolivar rich with toasted tobacco and roasted coffee but also a nice bit of cherry-like tang about it. This would be an even better after dinner smoke than it was in the middle of the day it was really enjoyable right to the end. Tasted blind I would not have thought it had 5-6 years on it and it is clearly an LE that can be aged. There was a little bit of dark chocolate about the profile too but never too much..impressive (93-94 if I had to rate it).
Second up, on sunday, was a Por Larranaga Petit Corona - PLPC to it's friends (box code MLO FEB 2012) - I have had several from this box and this was the worst, the constant snow and cold might not have helped! Ordinarily they are delicious, and have been from this box, although they would be better with a little age, 12-18 months at least. The main reason I have had a few of these so young is that I'm not quite where I want to be with my rolling-stocks yet. But with the two boxes that arrived today (see below) this is now less of an issue - Partagas Shorts (REA ABR 2010) and Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas (OGA NOV 2011) are both great smokes that are a great winter size and ready to go...

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