Monday, 10 December 2012

Ramon Allones Grandes & Quai d'Orsay Coronas Claro

Given the cold weather we are getting in London at the moment I was very pleased to manage two smokes last week. The first was a Ramon Allones Grandes, courtesy of a friend, released in 2008 as a Edicion Regional Espana with dimensions of 49x180 making it a double corona. I don't often get the time or the inclination to smoke something so large but this was in the cigar room at The Mayfair Hotel and it was just warm enough to get it done. The couple of Mojitos were very welcome too. The cigar was very consistent and really pretty mellow. It was faultless in construction not requiring a single touch-up. The profile was medium bodied at most. The flavour was not that classic Ramon Allones fruitcake. It more reminded me of Sancho Panza as it goes. Mellow, balanced and a dash salty. It was a thoroughly enjoyable smoke without being exciting, if I rating is needed then 90-91.
The next cigar was the Quai d'Orsay Corona, it is one of only two sizes now made as a regular production for Quai d'Orsay (the other is an Imperiales which is a Churchill) and a great size it is too at 42x142 and not remotely box pressed. The full name for this cigar is a Coronas Claro and until 1995 "Claro" was stamped on the base of the boxes. This Corona is fast becoming a favourite afternoon smoke and I want to stock up at some stage. The balance is terrific and the depth of pure tobacco flavours are superb. It is bang on medium in profile. There are elements of tea and hay/staw to this smoke. Certainly no coffee or chocolate etc. The size just feels perfect in the hand. A little like some of the other brands I really love  - Sancho Panza & Ramon Allones - there just seems to be a very relaxed and almost neglectful attitude from the chiefs at Habanos about this brand...a real shame. I thoroughly recommend this smoke to anyone...91-92.

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