Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Where's the August tumbleweed?

May be it's because it is my first week back after two weeks holiday camping near Biarritz (more about which later) but the wine market appears not to be as quiet as I would have expected for August in a recession (thank god the phrase "credit crunch" is drying a death). DRC (Domaine de la Romanee Conti) prices on the secondary (post release) market seem to be solid and rising, the "lull" or "dip" in prices of the investment/blue chip wine seems to be over as well - all very welcome news. Quite why the market is decent is never easy to know but I think there is growing confidence in the robustness of wine for investment or a place to keep your money "safe". Anyway August sales figures are a pleasant surprise......long may it continue. Our upcoming offers include the wines of Andrea Franchetti - Tenuta di Trionoro in Tuscany but also from his estate in Sicily.

Holiday was superb, very relaxing, the campsite we go to (this was our 4th visit) is round a lake but only 5mins fro the sea. Days of cycling, swiming, listening to music and chilling, drinks from 6pm (yardarm and all that) lovely food, cards or backgammon, sleep then start again - Heaven! Even managed to fit in some rugby watching (made me feel even less fit for the season ahead) Castres vs Dax....not the greatest game but a decent crowd and lovely atmosphere....the only downside to France this year was the cost, everything the same or more expensive than the UK. As a result the drinking was less exciting than previously when you could get Ok vintages of decent estates for "everyday" money - Tursan and Juracon it was.....

No betting recently (nearly backed Masta Plast at Nottingham, yesterday but managed to resist and a good job too...not a good run) and I've slightly lost track of the racing season...hopefully York next week will get me back on track. Sebastiano (the horse I have a tiny share in) is back in training with a view to a first apperance at the back end of September...more to follow as the season progresses

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